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At Therapy For You, we provide counseling and therapy for individuals and couples to help them understand and resolve their concerns around sex, sexuality, love, commitment, anxiety, pressure, infidelity, fetishes, compulsive disorder, erectile difficulties, low libido, vaginismus, sexual identity, dreams and pleasure.


We also provide trainings and workshop facilitation for sexual health, mental health and emotional well-being. 


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Helping You to Create Healthy Relationships and Live Your Best Sexual Life

“Machel is patient, warm and compassionate. I was immediately comfortable talking to him and have learned a lot about myself and how to live my best and most authentic life in the few months w've been working with him."

- Michael & Tyrek, Atlanta

“Machel has found a way to present sex in a bite-sized consumable way.

So far, he has six episodes, each 17 – 24 minutes long. After listening to each episode, I see how talking about sex is the only way to have better sex.

We must educate ourselves more, and thankfully “Let’s cum Together,” is another way in which we can do so.”

- "Let’s Cum Together with the Sex Doc" Review

The therapist,  Machel Hunt, observes that they have a hard time being present for each other: “You need to have that space where you can influence each other to just slow down.” 

- Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Make it Sexy

Meet Machel

Celebrity Psychosexual Therapist & Relationship Counselor

Machel L. Hunt is a psychosexual therapist and
accredited relationship counsellor, with over 15
years experience in the industry. Born and raised
in London, England, Machel is an international
trainer, workshop facilitator, development
consultant and sought after public speaker.
Since emigrating to the United States, Machel has
established his private practice in sex and couples
therapy, working with individuals and families to
provide one-on-one counselling. Personally and
professionally, Machel keeps busy and through
his practice has confronted the intense, joyful, and
painful emotions of relationships.

A former Director of Clinical Programs at Emory
University, School of Medicine, he has been
active in the community, conducting a number of
training sessions, workshops and conferences.
Among the institutions which have benefited from
his expertise: Georgia Department of Public
Health, Morehouse College, Someone Cares and
Journey to Change Leadership Conference.


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