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Psychosexual Therapy

  • 50 min
  • Atlanta, GA

Service Description

Who can benefit from Psychosexual therapy? Psychosexual therapy can help individuals of all ages, sexual orientation and health. Whether you are single, in a relationship, sexually active or not actively having sex, anyone can still benefit from seeing a sex therapist if something is troubling them. Couples - whether married, cohabiting or living separately - can receive treatment together, although some individuals may prefer to see a therapist on their own. As a clinician and an educator, it is a privilege to witness our clients evolve and expressing feelings of enlightenment, empowerment, hope and better equipped with practical tools and strategies that can lead toward a healthier sexual and intimacy life. As a relationship counselor and psychosexual therapist, I have obtained knowledge and training on the most common concerns faced by clients including low desire and desire discrepancies, erectile dysfunction, rapid ejaculation, painful intercourse, anorgasmia, delayed orgasm, out-of-control, impulsive and compulsive sexual behaviors, sexual trauma, and concerns with sexual media consumption. Our treatment modalities include: CBT, PCT, SFT, EMDR, narrative therapy, sensate focus therapy, and psycho-education. These approaches have been proven effective for most but not all clients. While success rates vary depending on a host of circumstances, there are some evidence based clinical consideration of the intersections and impact of race, culture, and ethnicity in client’s sexual health and sexual relationships. At Therapy For You, we pride ourselves on ensuring evidence-based therapies are aligned with cultural sensitivities and overall well-being for all our clients. 

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Atlanta, GA, USA

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