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Meet Machel

Celebrity Psychosexual Therapist & Relationship Counselor 

Machel L. Hunt is a psychosexual therapist and
accredited relationship counselor, with over 18
years experience in the industry. Born and raised
in London, England, Machel is an international
trainer, workshop facilitator, development
consultant and sought after public speaker.

Since emigrating to the United States, Machel has
established his private practice in sex and couples
therapy, working with individuals and families to
provide one-on-one counseling. Personally and
professionally Machel keeps busy, and through
his practice has confronted the intense, joyful, and
painful emotions of relationships.

A former Director of Clinical Programs at Emory
University, School of Medicine, he has been
active in the community, conducting a number of
training sessions, workshops and conferences.
Among the institutions which have benefited from
his expertise: Georgia Department of Public
Health, Morehouse College, Someone Cares and
Journey to Change Leadership Conference.


“You only FAIL when you STOP trying. As long as you keep going, keep working, keep making those adjustments and keep learning... You are a WINNER”.  - Machel Hunt


He has served as the keynote speaker at a variety of conferences addressing issues of sexual health, mental well-being, and cultural sensitivity, including Ladies Who PrEP, a statewide initiative across Georgia and NBT Talks Atlanta. A noted sex therapist and counselor, Machel has participated in numerous panel discussions throughout the United States from his home state of Georgia to Florida, New York and Washington, DC. He is a trusted voice, appearing on a number of radio and TV shows namely CBS360, V103, Power 97, FOX News and Sirius XM. Machel is passionate about working with Black Gay/MSM and is active in providing education and support to this community which he is a part of, often volunteering at Pride events around the city and facilitating workshops for the LGBT community.

Machel holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Greenwich in London, a Master’s of Science in Counseling Psychology from Westminster University in London and a Post Graduate Masters in Relationship Counseling and Psychosexual Therapy from the Institute of Sexuality and Human Relations. He is a member of the American Counseling Association (ACA), the American Psychological Association (APA) and the College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists (COSRT).

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