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Couples Counseling

  • 1 h
  • Atlanta, GA

Service Description

During a lasting relationship, it is normal to face challenges and stressors, as well as many important decisions and growth points. Sometimes couples discover that their ability to communicate and relate deeply has become impaired. Couples counseling can be a way to open up lines of communication and move towards a meaningful understanding of deeper issues. This understanding can, in turn, facilitate new possibilities for resolving difficulties and can intensify the depth of your connection. Whether you are gay, lesbian, bisexual, heterosexual or transgender, newly dating or in a committed domestic partnership, Therapy For You aims to offer a safe and confidential setting in which to explore and grow. We also work with people who are ending a marriage, partnership, or a long term relationship. Therapy and counseling can help people going through this painful process to overcome emotional difficulties and develop the confidence to rebuild their lives. Here are some of the difficulties that can be solved in couples counseling. Do you recognize any of these? • Cheating/affairs/distrust • Jealousy/anger/resentment • Dependency/Co-dependency • Communication problems/frequent arguments • Overburdened schedules/disconnection • Sexual difficulties Couples counseling usually leads to feelings of warmth, connection, increased happiness and overall improved wellness. Sadly, leaving difficulties unresolved often results in worsening strain and decreased health in emotional, social, physical, vocational and financial health domains. Wellness means identifying and overcoming obstacles, not ignoring them and hoping they’ll just fix themselves. Contact us now to explore how couples counseling can help you.

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Atlanta, GA, USA

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